Who am I

Strong Middle/ Senior PHP Developer.

Good time of the day, says admin of the BSBA team. Living 18 years and loving programming, this guy specialises in web development and has done some progress.

For the FrontEnd: Html5, Css3, Js, ES6, JQuery.
Alternatively, for the backend: The work is done with PHP7+, OOP PHP/Protcedural, Restful API, MySQL/Postgres, ORM, RBAC, PSR, ElasticSearch/Manticore/Sphinx and with the help of frameworks like Bootstrap4 for UI and Yii2 in general.
Ablity to work separately with Apache or Nginx(Load Balancer with Nginx), MySql or Postgres. Also, experience in both Windows and Linux environment. Familiar with both command line and bash.

And plus for this, I have some experience with Telephony systems. Here I can include: Asterisk, AMI, ARI, FreePBX for SysAd, AutoDialer, telephony for small call-centers, have made my own Alternative for Fop2.

The ability to work in team, experience in high load projects, optimizing huge databases, handling loading. Working with documentation and understanding other code.

Some decent English(IELTS-6.5), Russian(Second lang.) and Uzbek(Native). Also, algorithms and security problem solvings.

Studying at INHA University in Tashkent. SOCIE Department(Sophomore Currently). I have studied at ALWIUT in Tashkent(2years). I have worked at Zetsoft and ActiveExpress Companies in summer holidays.


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